Super bowl menu

Jumbo Chicken Wings
Choice of Buffalo, Korean BBQ or Sweet Chili Glaze
$64.95 1/2 pan (40 wings)
BBQ Smoked Pork Ribs
$56.95 24 pieces

Smoked Pulled Pork
In House BBQ Sauce
$10.95 pint

Smoked Pulled Chicken
In House BBQ Sauce
$10.95 pint

Three Cheese Mac & Cheese
$58.95 1/2 pan

Loaded Tater Tots
Topped with Cheddar, Black Beans,
Tomatoes, Jalapenos & Scallions

Marketplace Chili
Beef, Turkey or Vegetable
$14.95 quart

Franks in a Blanket
With Dijon Mustard
$54.00 36 count

Chicken Meatballs
With Hoisin Glaze
$48.00 36 count

Charcuterie Sampler
An assortment of sliced cured meats & pâté with
fresh fruit, cornichons, mustard, marinated sweet
peppers and olives. Served with sliced baguette,
presented on a wooden tray.
$89.95 serves up to 15

Artisan Cheese Platter
A classic collection of fine domestic and
imported cheese garnished with fresh fruit and
served with water crackers, presented on a wooden tray.
$60.95 serves up to 15

Vegetable Crudité and Dips
A selection of crisp vegetables, served with our
own Hummus & Buttermilk Ranch Dip.
$52.95 serves up to 15

Mezze Board
A delicious grouping of Mediterranean delights to
include creamy Hummus, marinated Olives, Feta Cheese,
Dolmas, Grapes, Fresh Vegetables, Tomato-Artichoke
spread and Pitas presented on a wooden tray.
$79.95 serves up to 15


Fresh Guacamole $13.95/pint
Chipotle Cream $10.95/pint
Fresh Salsa $10.95/pint
Blue Cheese Dip $10.95/pint
Cheesy Bacon Spinach Dip $19.95/tray


Cheesecake-Bites Platter $24.95 24 pieces
Mini Cupcake Assortment $39.95 24 pieces
Game Day Cookie $48.95 60 pieces
Platter Mini Eclairs $24.95 12 pieces

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